Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the store is "around the corner" you say?

I assume "around the corner" is some kind of song, or famous quotation, having to do with the food store. Thanks, Cathy.


toep said...
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toep said...

Perhaps an outlet for food past it's sell date. "around the corner" could mean 'over the edge'.

WV: despla, The questionable food items were arranged in a hasty 'despla'

tom said...

They're right. One cannot truly go "around" a corner. One must go asquare.
No roundness involved.

Darcy said...

Trap door? Quicksand?

WV: sheban = No girls allowed

mflore said...

Perhaps instead of, "Around the corner" they meant, "Go around this corner, walk 2 blocks, turn right, walk 1 block, go through the hotel lobby, out the back entrance and there we are!" but that wouldn't fit on the sign.