Monday, August 01, 2011

right, so this thing

Jodi's email to me rightly pointed out that the number one thing we should note about this is that it's a funeral home beer cozy.

So now that we let that sink it, they also apparently have a song they sing about family, maybe it's related to drinking cozy beverages.


eatin&thinkin said...

(to the tune of "That's what friends are for")

Keep drinkin’, keep dyin’,
Baker-Post can always cremate you, like toast
“Because Family Matters Most”!
For Granma and Granpa,
Baker-Post is your funerary host
“Because Family Matters Most”!

Unknown said...

Actually, that's not unnecessary because it's the place's slogan. Those are usually (rightfully) in quotation marks.

Darcy said...

Wonderful, eatin&thinkin! We were all holding hands and swaying.

WV: flation = when all the prices are staying the same

toep said...

lol Darcy, sounds like a genuine econ term to me. Too bad it never gets used.