Sunday, January 06, 2008

completely ordinary

I don't generally post personal notes here, but this one was too good. Sherry isn't certain if they wanted to imply that she was mentally disabled or not.


jspencer said...

oh, snap!

Somebody got burned!

Anonymous said...

I feel that whom ever wrote this card was most definately, in fact, a jerk. This is something you put in a christmas card or a birthday present. Not in a goodbye card. I mean pleese have some decentcy mr.writer of card.

Anonymous said...

who would say that, quotation marks or no? clearly the author had reached a bit of a writer's block after the first sentence. "gosh, how am i going to wrap this up? the card really summed up my feelings already..uh, you...are....."special?" yeah, that'll do. gotta get this puppy in the mail. definitely not going to sign my name, though."