Tuesday, January 29, 2008

extra credit

Extra credit to this website titled, Encouragement "Blossom's" In The Trauma.
This image comes from their website, from which I'll dutifully save you.

Not only do they imply that encouragement actually dies in the trauma, but the Blossom seems to possess something not appearing in that sentence. Perhaps it's a contraction? Blossom + is = Blossom's?

Also, and slightly further off-topic, is the "Welcome!!!" really exciting enough for three exclamation marks?

So, way to go, and a gold star awarded for providing a snarking tri-fecta.


l'hypocondriaque said...
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jspencer said...

No part of this makes any sense to me.

Anonymous said...


/end early 90s tv show references

kjl said...

I'm with Jeff--I can't even fathom what that is supposed to mean! Classic!

Anonymous said...

It sounds a bit insensitive or distasteful, but like the others I don't know what it actually does mean. It seems like it's trying to say that good comes out of hardship, but in that really annoying flippant way that doesn't take into account people's pain.

Not quite the Bradys said...

It was an attempt at a play on words but when they wrote "Encouragement "Candle's" In The Trauma", even the author realized it made no sense so they changed it to "Blossom's", hoping to still get that play-on-words effect. Obviously, to the rest of us it still doesn't, but at least they didn't leave it as "Candle's".

Anonymous said...

Remember that one time where Six gets pregnant and hides in the abandoned boathouse and Blossom comes to get her and convinces her to keep the baby and then Six finally agrees to face her problems, but then she miscarries and we all learn a valuable life lesson?
Remember that? That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

excellent example, sitboaf, of when Blossom WAS In The Trauma. although, wearing a flipped up flower hat, piano-vest, and doing jazzy dance on television was probably much more traumatic, in my opinionation.

Unknown said...

You know, its really not fitting to talk about things that you don't know about, it shows such incredibility.

Unless, you are going to check it out first and then comment. The website tells you on the first page what Encouragement "Blossoms" In The Trauma, Inc. means.

It looks like someone just wanted to make fun of how the website used to be set up.

Encouragement "Blossoms" helps millions of people around the world on a daily basis. You just might need a service like this one day.

As if what that person is saying is going to make them stop servicing others. The one who put the post p might be the one that need their help.

One thing is for certain, you prejudge others without finding out the facts first or checking into it yourself, you will be judged the very same way eventually.