Monday, January 07, 2008

your "first choice"

Rich covered this one pretty well: "The Lexington Clinic Urgent Treatment Center wasn't our 'First Choice' by a long stretch. It's hard to find a doctor on Thanksgiving weekend. I think that 'Sports Physicals' is a euphemism for 'The reason you're 478 pounds, Mr. Jones, is that you spend all your time eating Twinkies and watching football.'"


Karen said...

Your take on this clinic was so much kinder--and cleaner!--than mine. When I saw "sports clinic," I thought about how "cat-houses" used to be called "massage parlors."

Anonymous said...

"cat-houses??" never heard of that term, but i'm pretty sure i understand what you mean by massage parlors.

cat-house conjures an image of multi-level boxes covered in carpet with holes cut out of the ends. and that description so wasn't supposed to be suggestive. look how that worked out. and i could make it worse, but i choose not to.

for some reason, the sign made me think dirty, too, although i prefer imagining that "Sports Physicals" is some sort of jazzy play, or interpretive dance recital they're "now performing."

Gez said...

"Sports physicals?"

Why don't they just say, "You will be touched inappropriately."

Anonymous said...

for the uninitiated, this physical requires a sporting COUGH!