Monday, May 18, 2009

A Cracker By Any Other Name

Oh Cracker Barrel is there no depths to which you will not descend?

Try the "Soups" (I like the primordial)
And the "Veg of the day" (insert insensitive cultural reference here)
"Dressings" - or are those stuffings?


The 5 C's said...

Those are "desserts".

Average Jane said...

Is it sad that I know the photo must have been taken on a Sunday because the "Veg. of the Day" is boiled cabbage?

Unknown said...

are there? or is there?

Kirsten said...

williamsjeffl - should be "is there no depth" or "are there no depths".

Craig and Angie said...

I took the "is there" as a joke and the "dressings" as a miss. You gotta cut people slack ;-)