Friday, May 08, 2009

good slogan

My cousin Kari spotted this on a High Chair in the UK, and points out that while the quotation marks are awesome, the lack of any other punctuation and random capitalization is what really makes this one special.


Nonni said...

Random capitalisation . . . like High Chair?

Kim said...

This is too good. Just last night I was a restaurant (in Anchorage, AK) with some friends. One friend noticed the empty high chair his nephew had been in at the end of the table. It was apparently this exact chair (well, of the exact manufacture) because it had this EXACT message.

I had laminated not having a camera to capture the image and submit it to you guys...but clearly that was unnecessary.

Even better was that his commentary was the same as your cousin's. :-)

Anonymous said...

@Kim: The word is "lamented," not "laminated."