Saturday, July 04, 2009

except in addiction emergencies

I mean, we all know how it is, but this place here, it's "smoke free", ok? Thanks, Eric.


Anonymous said...

And look at the figure 0 instead of capital O, too.

toep said...

Yes, the '0' is subliminal. It's part of a quit smoking program. First you get the message "no" then "smoking" then "n0"; not sure it's going to be effective though.

David said...

"Smoke free" - wink - it's the "way to be" - if you, uh, know what I mean ;)

jered said...

Or, instead of a decimal system, it's actually a icosikaitetradecimal system (source) that includes the first 14 letters as well as the 10 digits.

N0 (base-24) = 576 (base-10)

Beyond that I have no interpretation.