Saturday, December 11, 2010

"zona segura"

Britt spotted this in Mexico and translates thus:

Do you want to camp?
We rent tents, or if you need more comfort we offer rooms.
"Safe zone." Parate Puerto Vallarta, "Affordable Prices"

Sounds real "safe."


Classic Steve said...

Las palabras son relativas. (Did I say that right?)

toep said...

If the "affordable prices" apply to the "safe zone" maybe they should raise them and then they could do away with both sets of quote marks.

Unknown said...

You for got the entirely free bonfire they ave in the "safe zone"...Also is just regular camping out side of the "safe zone" going to be life threatening?

Unknown said...

Apparently I need to learn how to spell lol I meant forgot to mention the entirely free bonfire