Monday, July 16, 2007

A case of the mondays

Jessica relays this "blanket" email which was sent to her at work. As our friends at passive aggressive notes know, work refrigerators are often a source of tension:

Ladies and Gentlemen: please excuse the “blanket” e-mail, but we (Facilities) feel a need to send this message to “all” on the third floor. We have had a number of complaints about the odor coming from the refrigerators. After sending Dave Hxxxxxx to check things out, it was discovered that someone left soup in the refrigerator too long and it turned sour. Also, strawberries were left too long and they were bad. PLEASE continue to check any food that you have stored in the refrigerator and be responsible, remove it after a day if it has not been eaten. These refrigerators are not to be used for long term storage of food. Also large items are supposed to be stored in the refrigerator in the staff dining room on the first floor. DO NOT OVERSTUFF these units, this causes poor circulation within the cooling area and ice builds up.

clearly some of the people are left out, hence the "all" included in the "blanket" email...


jspencer said...

See, it all makes sense. It's not really a "blanket" so those quotes are to denote the metaphor. As for the "all," clearly not everyone on the third floor uses the fridge, so it's letting us know it's for "all" who use the fridge.

Duh. ;)

Unknown said...

The part I should have mentioned whilst creating the e-mail submission is that the third floor comprises mainly editors and proofreaders. We all had a good laugh about the quotes.