Monday, July 16, 2007

Count on this

While posting on my own blog I came across this picture of my license plate from a couple of years ago. Note this tribute to the recently added snarks on the right - Why That Plate? and passive aggressive notes.

The blog post expresses some deep trauma from an old wound, but nevertheless my attuned eyes caught the extra quotes on the license plate frame.
"a place that you can count on"
Don't get me started on how they ended their "sentence" with a preposition, that's a matter for another blog. I will say that my customer experience was so poor that I'm still horked off enough to write about it. So Highland Chrysler Jeep, count on "this".


Kjaere said...

I'm honored to be a link on your website! And yes... had I seen that plate, it would for sure make my page!

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with ending your sentences a preposition with!