Tuesday, July 31, 2007

more "work" email

I'm going to start looking for other themes in poorly punctuated work mass emails. Here's one from Sara in Alexandria, VA.

To everyone:
Has anyone seen the “rubber” door stop that is used to “prop” doors open in the warehouse (it usually sits by the warehouse door – the door closer to the front door that leads into the warehouse)? If so, please return it to its designated area. We have a second door stop that is made from “wood,” but does not always seem to do the job as well. Any additional ideas would be greatly appreciated. It has been suggested to me that a second rubber door stop be ordered for our use if the other “rubber” door stop is not “discovered” within the next few days.

she adds, "in case you are wondering, the 'rubber' doorstop has yet to be 'discovered.'" I hope they have found good ways to "prop" open their doors... I really do think the fake materials is the best part of this particular email. What was this punctuator thinking?

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Anonymous said...

Totally "hilarious."