Tuesday, July 03, 2007

hip terms for corn like "on the cob"

I am actually a big fan of allrecipes.com - I've gotten some great recipes off of there including a spinach dip that everyone loved at my recent birthday party. However, it is mildly amusing that they included this phrasing on their website recently:

Corn in the U.S.A.

Chowders, salads, salsas, chili--not to mention "on the cob!" Get recipes for this versatile summertime favorite.

"on the cob"? I imagine that these quotes are meant to indicate "as the kids are saying these days" or whatever, but is there some other more formal term for corn on the cob? Sam, who sent me this one, also points out that the exclamation points adds just a little bit more humor.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you really don't need a recipe to cook corn on the cob. You just, um, cook it.

dancing_lemur said...

I've noticed that quotation marks tend to be used, as in this instance, in lieu of dashes. Or bolding. Or other ways of showing emphasis that aren't TOTALLY WRONG.

Ahem. Pet peeve that makes me cringe...so, LOVE your site.

Anonymous said...

here in south africa we only call it corn if it's loose, like in a can. But if it's "on the cob" as you say, then we call it a mielie. which is actually wrong, because a mielie refers to the white corn...

by the way, your site is hilarious :) im busy reading through all the archives (hence commenting on old posts)