Wednesday, July 18, 2007

this is "my own post"

Katie forwarded this email to me, explaining, "This e-mail is from the manager of opperations, and she sent it to the whole company. She sends e-mails like this often. I really enjoy her use of bolding, underlineing, and CAPS. They all go so well with oddly place quotation marks."
Subject: Processor's Certification letter
Importance: High
You can find this fill in the blanks letter in Company Docs under Docs-All Blank Forms.
"please" do not save your info or change anything in this letter-- if you want to save or change it - save it to "YOUR OWN FILE"
Thank You, (name erased)
"please," indeed.


Writer, Rejected said...

I think there's also a serious case of underline abuse going on in that annoying email. "Please!"

allison strine said...

This blog really makes me "snicker".

jspencer said...

It's like she was filling in a passive aggressive notes Mad Lib!

Angela said...

It worries me that people like that have a job and I don't.

Anonymous said...

I've actually sent out messages like this before. I worked at a college and had to send forms to students and faculty via e-mail. Many of them did not understand how a fill-in-the-blank document worked (hence underlining it to try and emulate a filled-in blank). Many more of them did not understand about saving it as your own file before sending it back to me. I could underline, change color, bold, capitalize, whatever, and they would still not get it. I tried saying to save it as "your name," and I received a ton of files literally titled "your name," which made it difficult to determine who had responded. So this is officially the first post on this site where I agree with the person who wrote the document! I don't expect it to happen again.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I don't agree with the quotation marks around "please." No need for that.

victoria said...

"opperations" and "underlineing"
Maybe not throw stones, hmm?