Sunday, September 16, 2007

very emphatic

Maybe since "flat iron" is the name of a company (I guess?) this one is borderline. Scott saw it in Chicago.


Schenck said...

When did "poster" become a "verb"?

Anonymous said...

When did that abbreviation for "management" become "acceptable"?

Anonymous said...

The board up is a store front that is part of the Flat Iron building at the corner of Milwaukee Ave and North Avenue, in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. The building has artist studio space.

Like any active urban area, if you put up some plywood someone will staple a poster to it announcing everything from concerts to yard sales. But, that's just "my" opinion.

Anonymous said...

Me fail enlgish?
That unpossible!

(I think quotes are the least of this ones worries ;)

scytheblade69 said...

Disagree. This makes sense, in a way.

"Flat iron" is a nickname or title for someone, I don't think it's a company (i in iron would be capitalized, unless it's a mistake).

Poster can be a verb too, they probably made that abbreviation up, but it makes sense none the less.