Wednesday, September 05, 2007

also "no transfat"

Lauren sent me this picture of pork rinds which may or may not have any carbs.


Anonymous said...

Actually, this one is correctly quoted. Products that claim to have "0g Trans-fats" often still have trans-fats but have reduced the levels to low enough that the FDA allows them to print "0g trans-fats" on their package. I believe this is anywhere from .49g trans-fats and below. It's an advertising trick companies use to make it look like there are no trans-fats, when in fact they have simply reduced the size of a serving so the trans-fats fall below .49g. Really most other outlets should be putting quotes on this claim as well, but the FDA doesn't regulate punctuation I suppose.

American Liberal Elite said...

After eating a whole bag of pork rinds, I often lay back and say "Og."

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with drudge, here. I think this is a verbalization appropriate to the slightly gross product.