Friday, January 04, 2008


I'm disappointed in the quality of this entry, not for the quotes - which if you could read them, are fantastic. No, I'm put off by the poor quality of the picture at close range. I need a macro lens on my camera phone.

Here's what the Steak 'n Shake place mat reads:
Real smoked bacon
no "bits" here

You'll just have to "trust" me on that.


Glenn Fleishman said...

Now wait a minute. "Bits" is correct. They're talking about Baco-Bits, not bits of stuff. Thus "bits" not bits, using the quotation marks to enhance the irony that bits aren't made of meat. Let's not overcriticize the correctly quoted!

Jen said...

If you're trying to take a close up shot, hit the little button on your camera that looks like a flower. That's the macro setting and will adjust the lens for close up shots.

stamatina said...

What glenn said. This may be the only correct use of quotes that I've seen here. Nice work, I love this blog!

jspencer said...

I didn't realize I was reading The "Blog" of "Incorrect" Quotation Marks now...

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I was going for the comedy of the "bits" - a euphemism for... oh just about anything you like.

Greg Bulmash said...

Back in the "where's the beef?" days of Wendy's commercials, they had a commercial for their chicken nuggets, portraying the other guys of using chicken "parts" in their nuggets.

Customer: What's in your chicken nuggets?

McWaiter: Chicken parts.

Customer: Yes, but which chicken parts?

McWaiter: Parts is parts.

The quoting of "bits" in this sign is in the same vein as one that might say:

We use 100% chicken breast meat in our nuggets, not "parts".