Wednesday, January 30, 2008

don't actually think

This from Marco. I like to believe that "think cheese" is the official slogan of fall.


Stacey said...

Also, "baquette?" Is that like a "baguette?"

Minh Nguyễn said...

Well, according to the OED, a baquet is a small tub. A fresh one daily?

jspencer said...

What do fall and cheese have to do with each other? Cheese is good any time of year!

Karen said...

yI think it's a fun little exercise, wherein one remarks on the season and supplies any noun, something like the following:

Summer has arrived.
"Think chairs."

Winter has arrived.
"Think boulders."

Spring has arrived.
"Think chinchillas."

Finnie Family said...

Check out the recipe for Baquette at and you'll see that it's a "Classic white bread."

Anonymous said...


Jeff said...

I need to adopt this "slogan" for my own blog - - just because my stuff isn't only good in the fall, it's Cheese-time all the time when you're at "Think Cheese!"

Maybe I'll change it to "Thank Cheese!"


Not quite the Bradys said...

OH MY GOSH!!! HE WAS SERIOUS! That really IS the name of his website. I felt the teeniest bit foolish typing it in to go there- but it exists. Not bad either.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is in that window display? it looks like watercoloring supplies or something. i kinda expected cheese. with fall leaves and stuff.

Anonymous said...

they certainly keep some sign-maker busy, if they require a new slogan for every season.

Daelf said...

> Check out the recipe for Baquette
> at and you'll see
> that it's a "Classic white bread."

No, it's not. A baGuette is a type of French bread, yes, but I've no idea what a baQuette is.


Anonymous said...

*Wonders if "Think Cheese" is anything like head cheese*

*Hopes not*

*Wonders if baquette is a baguette in a different shape--perhaps a sitting position*

Anonymous said...

*ponders if this is more or less contrived than actually referring to oneself in third person.

*considers adding my name at the beginning of the sentences to make them complete.

*decides against it, as entire point would be lost.

*scratches ass and calls it a day.