Monday, August 18, 2008

more assumed names

Also appropriate for cake wrecks, as "Ann" may or may not be the name of that paramecium shape there. Extra irony: Ann is the chief of the copy desk in Carl's newsroom.


Unknown said...

What is that brown blob supposed to be? It looks like Fudgie the Whale got run over by a steam roller.

marlo said...

Ah, another drag queen cake. "Ann's" real name is Larry.

220mya said...
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Marinka said...

Ha! Every year I get my son a cake at our local store and every year they write "Happy Birthday Kid!" except they have his real name, but it's all in quotes. So this year, I finally asked them not to put quotes around it and they seemed totally offended, like I was too good for the quotes.

Love your site!

My big quotation marks pet peeve is that at the vet's, they put the pet's name quote marks. Like the dog's name is not really Mavis, but we're all agreeing to call her that because she's in the witness protection program or something.