Thursday, August 21, 2008

only try on if you're in 1918

Lindsey spotted this at a diner on the West Coast. I must say, the weirdest things about this have nothing to do with the double-slogans with quotation marks (and apparent feminism of visors? what?). The weirdest things are: 1) clip art lady golfer 2) lace visors?
Conclusion: try it on, but only as a joke.


Alex Headrick said...

I'm so glad they let women wear visors now. This country's oppressive gender-based visor laws went on too long.

Jill said...

I've been looking for a lace visor...and all this time I've been looking in the wrong places. Of course, a diner is where you would find one!?

Dr. Jay SW said...

What "exactly" would be "miraculous" about a "lace visor?" Or are visors miraculous in themselves? Does that make "Eminem" "Jesus?" I own "one or two," and they certainly don't seem "miraculous...."

The Great Joe Bivins said...

I demand to know the logic behind this device. How exactly does it prevent headaches?

Anonymous said...

As per usual, break it down (Hammer time!)

"Try it on"

This can actually be seen in one of two ways. One, it is actually a quote from someone in the store and they are repeating it here, sadly without stating who it is from.
Secondly, it is the facetious quote. In other words, 'touch this and you die'

"We've come a long way ladies"

First off, where is the comma after way? If it was present, this statement could be seen as an actual quote from someone who is commenting on the not-so-good old days when women were thrashed with a beer bottle tied to the end of a belt if they dared to wear visors?
In its absence, it would seem that this is actually the name of a group. Similar to The Foggy Bottom Boys or The Southern Electric Death Cult (who eventually shortened their name to just The Cult. Probably a good idea!)

We will assume (yes, we know what that does) that it is supposed to be there. So why is 'We've come a long way, ladies' being either quoted to us or being used as a euphemism.

If the latter, then they seem to be saying 'we are from around here'

If a quote, why are they quoting a cigarette company's logo? Do the visors cause cancer?

Dorothy Parker said...

I've got to say that I feel the second set of quotation marks is used aprropriately. I do find it ironic that the wearing of lace visors indicates the success of feminism.

Ming said...

I feel so free! Free to not squint!

Karen said...

Are those thingies in the picture with the curly-cued shoestrings the alleged "lace visors"? I'm really confused. Where's the lace? How are these visors? Really. I don't understand.

Earthseed Detroit said...

Well, whatever it is, it's trademarked so, you know it's got to be of some importance to somebody.

Also, how would a lace visor keep the sun off? isn't most lace see through?

Unless, if you look in the pic, those awful printed "things" are what they are calling lace, at which point I would have to assume that "Lace" is a hot, trendy, brandname. (I'm reaching.)