Sunday, December 07, 2008

actually lukewarm

Jim claims this picture was taken in the 1990s at "the now defunct West Side Variety, a thinly disguised porn mag store in Kutztown, PA". That really gives "cold" beverages a new meaning.


Unknown said...

Wouldn't that be "proper" use of the quotes? Since it's not actually cold?

Malika said...

well to some people luke warm is actually cold. but to others, hot as hell is cold. why do people say hot as hell but then say cold as hell? don't they mean the same thing? i dunno.

Christian H said...

I think it is proper use of quotation marks. The coke in question is obviously not cold if it's sitting in the window, unless it happens to be really cold outside.
My question is why they bothered to keep up the act. I mean, who's going to believe them that the Coke is cold when it's sitting out like that? I'm going to have to guess that it's a joke of some sort.