Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the Big Guns

This is from a Hungarian winery, but it makes me think it's named after a Jenny Lewis song or something. Thanks, Jessica.


Greg said...

I think that it would be handy to have a wine named "Big Guns." It would be a great to say at a dinner party: "Alright, the Arbor Mist is gone... bring out the Big Guns."

@wendydesigns said...

There are so many things I like about this photo, for example, The Kingdom of Monarchia (I'd like to be the ruler there, I think)

I also think perhaps that "big guns" may be a poor translation of "magnum"?

Krista said...

Actually, when you're translating something and it doesn't quite tranlate, it's called a gloss. And glosses are marked with quotes, because it's not a perfect translation. So in THIS case, the quotes are probably grammatically correct.

ern0 said...

The Hungarian word "monarchia" means "monarchy", it is the short name of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was existing between 1867-1918 (see ).

It suggests archaic taste, evoking some kind of golden age, which disappeared, blah blah.

"Nagy ágyú" means "big gun", it it is written separatelly; in this joined form it means "ace" (e.g. Jimmy White is "biggun" of the snooker). Have to notice, this word is a bit plebeian, so it's style does not match with the monarchy-feeling.

It's a stupid marketing stuff.

Hossrex said...

Yeah! I get to be the first one to make the penis joke!


My girlfriend loves my "big gun" package!

Or... maybe a more succinct "joke"...

How about: "Thats what she said."

ern0 said...

Sad to say, but in the Hungarian language there is no such meaning of "Big Gun". Hungarians say "szerszám" instead (means: tool). Also Hungarian language have cca. 100 other synonims for it, just as other modern languages have.