Monday, December 22, 2008

regular tire color

Jason sent me this. I don't know what color the building is, but I'm guessing it's some kind of an aquamarine.


dd said...

This is arguable. "Green" while becoming more and more common to signify ecologically sound, is not the typical usage of the word.

So I guess it's technically unnecessary, but I think this blog is much more enjoyable when people misuse quotation marks entirely.

Hossrex said...

I agree with DD. This seems like the sort of punctuation used when people are hyper aware of grammar/punctuation Nazi's, and feel the need to be entirely proper.

Bethany always says "of course I understand it could be construed as being used properly, but the point of this blog is to point out the silly uses of quotation marks, more than it is to be punctuation Nazi's."

To which I say... meh... I still agree with DD... the blog is "more enjoyable when people misuse quotation marks entirely."

(For the record, I understand that my first usage of quotation marks isn't entirely valid, since I'm paraphrasing, instead of quoting... but to that I say... BLLLPPPPHHHHHTTTTTHHHHH!"