Friday, December 19, 2008

what do they really do to the door?

I don't know what they're really going to do with this door when you call them. I wouldn't risk it. Thanks, Michelle.


Matt said...

Let's ring the number and "find out".

Paul said...

They probably dynamite it.

The Other M said...

naw, it's definitely dirty. It must have something to do with foreplay.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'd assume the door is offering a special sexual "open" service if you call.

For a good time, call to "open"...

How appropriate, my word verify is "frakit"

Jen L. said...

Oh, my God, I think this is in my old neighborhood! It's the same handwriting as the sign that said:
Benito, please do not "brake" the glass to open the door. "Call" me.

Maybe Benito got out of control and broke too many panes. Jeez, Benito.