Monday, December 22, 2008

who's cyclist?

This was submitted by Bethany who also submitted my all-time favorite, "security guard". I like to believe that this is the first in a set of traffic signs which contain the body of the poem, "Watch for Cyclist"


James Gilmore said...

"watch for cyclist"

I await a bus;
A passing cyclist asks the time.
I give him my watch.

Bob K said...

"Watch for Cyclist"

I wait, looking down the road
Waiting still, I look in anticipation
She comes, a flash of tires and handlebars
She goes by quickly
I miss her already

TPW said...

Like a blur in the night
slipping betwixt steely behemoths
balancing burdens blithely

Children all know to
watch for Cyclist
whose narrow wheels bring thrills

Stairs and windows no impediment
Cyclist delivers to city dwellers
unfettered by rules of the road.

Illrigger said...

I do believe this is actually the sub-title for the Will Farrell movie "Stranger Than Fiction"

Jill said...

And to think... if they hadn't used those unnecessary quotation marks, they would've had room to pluralize "cyclist"! (Or is there literally just one person on a bike that needs to be watched for?)

Jessica via Kashena said...

"watch for cyclist"

I hear a swishing
a mere blur in the corner
she has a wedgie.

haley_ewww said...

watch for cyclist... sounds like a fair trade

(slightly altered demetri martin joke)

Avyn said...

There once was a cyclist"/" Who wanted the time"/" Off of "Mapquest""/" For "merely" a "dime""/" So I gave her my "watch""/" For merely a tree of limes "/" "Watch for Cyclist," a grammatically challenged poem in desparate need of a better subtitle.