Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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40% off!
2 bibs and a onesie for $23.99

These are "THE DEALS" - and don't you want to know how to get them?


Dan said...

I strongly dislike this different layout and the fact that the D in "Deals" is capitalized. >:|

stan said...

When reading it I missed the apparels part of the poster, so I was trying to figure out what 2 bibs and a onesie would taste like, and where you'd get such a meal.

kimbalaya said...

Who in their right mind would pay $23.99 for 2 bibs and a onesie?? That's crazy!

essbesee said...

I hate this "font." So two bibs and a onesie walked into a bar...

Malika said...

*well, technically it is a deal if you don't know that we're over-charging you*

i think people will have "to" get used to the new format to dig it.