Monday, January 12, 2009

relatively real

Sorry about the dark image here. It reads: Barber shop/ a " real " man's place (etc, that's the key moment there). Having read quite a bit of continental philosophy, I assume this is acknowledging that all the elements of our identity, including gender, are constructed, but if you want constructed realness, this is the place for you. But maybe not.


Buffy said...

Obviously it means shemales are accepted.

Penny said...

Well, since "real" is the word in quotation marks, the reference is probably to the construction of reality rather than to the construction of gender.

Or perhaps this barber grooms mannequins and androids. Not much call back in that, though.

Jodsworth said...

I really like the seemingly random "& Co." on this sign, too.

Is it misplaced below "Barber Shop" (Barber Shop & Co.?), or is it 'a "real" man's place & co.'?

Nice site, by the way!

(Word Verification: kiesu)

Katie said...

I wonder why a barber shop needs a cube van. Are they storing hair in there? Is it a Sweeney Todd kind of barber shop?