Tuesday, January 06, 2009

unpopular demand

My favorite is the 'new with only one single quote mark. Is that an apostrophe, then? Is it a contraction for gnew? Thanks, Jim.

In other news, be patient if the blog looks funny the next few days, my sister is redesigning it as an art class project.


Malika said...

*no one really liked it, but if we said "we're bringing it back because we need to sell these salads before we have to throw away all of these stupid croutons" it probably wouldn't sell as much*

Chazya said...

You may need these then..there free!



Contact me if you need help with these or any others. They are not my websites, but I have set up a few dozen blogs using these templates and then customizing them with my own graphics and features.

I have more useful links too, just ask!

Soon I will be setting up a blog with tips and such.

Danyell said...

Isn't it "gnu"?