Thursday, March 12, 2009

fake organic

I'm trying to imagine how or why you would want to make synthetic dirt, but maybe you would. thanks, nixwilliams.


acpaul said...

You know, I think even synthetics once started out organic, due to some law about conserving matter.

But the real issue here is that they're euphemistically calling this "organic" to conceal the fact that it's Soil-ent Green.

m1k3k said...

too funny, it posted it to my green tweeps. i'll put it on my site later.

Anonymous said...

It's like organic produce: they simply don't use pesticides on it.

WVOTD: fortall -- This is a good site for tall tales.

Camthan said...

In chemistry, organic means it has carbon in it. So many synthetic things can be labeled organic completely honestly. The other use for organic, meaning all natural, would be technically "organic" in this case since dirt would be mostly nitrates and silicates.

i said...


these people know not what they do!