Friday, March 13, 2009

midway through also ok

RPA writes, "i spotted this in an office i visited recently and happened to have a camera on me so i snapped a picture. i resisted the urge to add some sarcastic punctuation around the handwritten note... i have to admit, though, that the coffee was better than the last time i was there..." I guess you can rinse it with lukewarm water at any point.


Jeff Thompson said...

If that handwritten note was a grade, I'd hate to see what the note was like before.

Just Mairs said...

I would think someone this concerned about punctuation would also consider the rules of capitalization. Good grief! The note attached to the submission was difficult to read.

Chris Hailey said...

This sign has everything: different size and color fonts, underlines, italics *and* unnecessary quotation marks. The only confusing part for me is what the "excellent improvement" refers to; the sign, the coffee, or the carafes?