Thursday, July 02, 2009


Sort of makes it seem like they're serving pashminas. Or the tortillas or whatever are poorly wrapped, and they fall apart, so it quickly becomes "salads." Thanks, Simon.


Chris Hailey said...

I think they are purposely "wrapped" loosely so that you can "see inside" the delicious fillings within.

Anonymous said...

They're serving Wellness Recovery Action Plans.

WV: mente -- El creador de este cartel se ha perdido la mente.

Jodsworth said...

This one *almost* makes sense ... perhaps the restaurateur is trying to say "those sandwiches which are now commonly referred to as 'wraps'"

When wraps first made their appearance in sandwich shops, I couldn't figure out why they just didn't call the things burritos.

word verification: "rebilo" which is a type of protest organized by spelunkers

David said...

This could be a commentary on the "skills" of the staff.