Wednesday, September 23, 2009

as in advice?

A little quicker with the coffee and not so much makeup... badum... Thanks, person who the email tells me is "lone locust of the apocalypse."


Anthony said...

The Subway tip cup bothers me. If the franchise can't pay their sandwich artists enough to earn a living, I don't know that my fifty cents is going to make a dent.

Melissa said...

Love it! "Happy" National Punctuation Day!

Anonymous said...

Maybe as a Subway Franchise they can't legally ask for tips. So it's like a clever way of getting around that rule. Like "Hey man we just put up this cup and people just put money into it, we can't control what people do with their money".
"But it says tips on here".
"No man it's in quotation marks like this is theoretically where tips would go if we believed in's a statement man".