Monday, September 28, 2009

I'll have some "meatballs" heh heh

While in the past this Quiznos may have been a supplier for drugs and hookers, it is no longer doing that, so please, stop asking and winking all creepy. Thanks, Diane.


toep said...

Okkayy, i get the "soup" and "meatballs" references, but, are they really SORRY?

Karen said...

"... and winking all creepy." Priceless!

Bethany, you do SUCH a good job with the innumerable signs we mortals send you. Thank you for keeping up this blog, even when you're probably sick to death of it some days.

One of many fans,

Buffy said...

Oh, I totally agree with Quiznos' "soup" being in quotation marks.

Grant Fikes said...

I like how high up the quotes around "sorry" are. They're like the raised eyebrows of punctuation.

WV: latio -- The singular form of Latios, the Pokemon!

aliena said...

ditto what Karen said ~ it hurts to laugh this hard!

Anonymous said...

Just got turned on to this by Reader's Digest. Thank you, Bethany, for a much-needed laugh today. This is priceless.