Saturday, September 19, 2009

fake cash accepted

We really see a surprising amount of places that accept IOUs and monopoly money on this blog. Thanks, Jeff in Seattle.


stingrhea2 said...

amount=number ... Amount refers to volume, number to things you can count.

Lucy Corrander said...

Perhaps you could set up a business selling stick-on quotation marks? (People could add their own underlining.)


Anonymous said...

"Cash" usually means paper money or debit. I think they are implying they don't take credit or "certain favors", if you know what I mean.

Unknown said...

What I find so cute here is that the person posting couldn't just leave the printed page alone - he or she felt the need to add the quotation marks to an apparently incomplete message, leading me to wonder what meaning is intended to be added by quotation marks.

Just like F. Scott Fitzgerald said, the uneducated are different from you and me.

Br.Bill said...

I think these aren't really quotation marks. They're probably motion indicators, like a cartoonist uses to indicate that an object is shaking.

This is the sign producer's way of showing us that these words are in an earthquake.