Wednesday, September 30, 2009

those sure are words

Here are some words that may or may not be relevant to your shopping experience. Thanks, Colin.


Mike said...

I need better drugs to have any hope of understanding this one.

Sarah Templeton said...

It's clearly colorcoded. I shall decode:

Warning: Security reduced--SALE!
Price's Clearance crashed.
Arrest theft Price-Crunch.

And translate: Five-finger discount available at Price's Clearance store. Don't get caught. Price hits hard.

Buffy said...

What's a "SHLE"? And how do you "arrest" theft?

emily michelle said...

I think Sarah's comment is the best thing I've heard all day.

But yeah, that sign is whacked. I feel like it's a sale at a very security conscious store, and then I get to "Crashed" and everything goes wrong again.

toep said...

Well, my first reaction was that it was hung by mistake. It was just a remnant of a brainstorming session on what would be good on the sign.

But, i really can't improve on what Sarah wrote.

Anonymous said...

Ha! "SHLE" is actually supposed to be "SALE," apparently written by someone who doesn't know what the letter "A" looks like.

...but then I look above, where there's an "A" drawn correctly, and I'm lost again.

Unknown said...

bonus points for the possessive rather than the plural version of prices. Apparently someone named Price "owned" that clearance crashed