Saturday, November 28, 2009

is anything truly authentic?

Jack saw this on his trip to Gettysburg PA and writes, "We saw a brochure for various attractions that touted "authentic" reproductions of our First Ladies' inaugural gowns. This made me think deeply about the concept of "authenticity." Is it like truthiness? My brain hurts."


Sarra said...

My favorite is the reference to Stephen Colbert.

Karen said...

Similarly, just in time for Christmas you can buy Real Diamelles on the Home Shopping Network.

toep said...

This is amazing. Are there standards that high for reproductions? definition says: not false or copied; genuine. But if it's a repro. that means it's copied; on the other hand it could be a 'genuine' reproduciont so.... i'm just confused. But tell me, based on this definition, what would an 'inauthentic' reproduction be?

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