Tuesday, March 23, 2010

as you like to call yourself

hey jerks on the bus, I will feign politeness if you throw your trash away. Thanks, Georgy.


toep said...

Yeah, bethany it's "hey, low-lifes" and the "thank you" looks like an after thought.

Daniel A. Brockman said...

I used to stand at this bus stop (Magoun Square, Somerville, MA) every day, thinking "Someday I need to start a blog with photos of all of these signs with unnecessary quotes"-- then they tore the sign down a few months ago and I forgot about it. So glad someone thought to snap a photo of this back then and send it to you! This sign just drips contempt.

Unknown said...

Someone who's so emphatic about the "please" should be a bit more sincere with the "thank you."

@Daniel A. Brockman - I know what you mean. I love this blog because, aside from being hilarious, it reassures me that others, too, mentally edit poorly punctuated signs and publications.