Tuesday, March 30, 2010

good slogan

My fiance Justin sent me this one. You may have to click to embiggen the photo, but the stapler has printed on it "open away from face." Words to live by. Apparently spoken by someone else.


toep said...

Brilliant move putting the advice on the BOTTOM. i don't turn my stpler upside down when i open it, there may still be staples in it that then fall out!

Brandon L. Summers said...

Embiggen. It's still a perfectly cromulent word!

libraryliz said...

This is fantastic--we have this stapler in our office and I have never ever thought to look underneath. I guess I'm lucky I saw this here, who knows what kind of stapler disaster you may have prevented!

Anonymous said...

Mine says "Made in China" so no luck with slogans