Sunday, September 12, 2010

or is it?

If you have to be told it's a drink, I'm just not so sure. Whitney spotted this one in Rhode Island.


Anonymous said...

How much of a drink can it be with "awful awful" written on it?

Unknown said...

I've had Awful Awfuls and liked them a lot (I was much younger then.)

The reason they tell you it's a drink is that it's so thick you could eat it with a spoon.

If you drink three at one sitting you get a button (red on white I believe - I may have one in the basement someplace) and a card entitling you to a free Awful Awful at a later visit.

(Ryan) Michney said...

What the hell, Blog of Unncessary Quotation Marks?! I sent you a picture of the same thing like a year and a half ago. Boooooo!

Unknown said...

I guess Reg T.M. is a person and these were his dying words?