Monday, September 13, 2010

uh, "in" night?

I don't know what makes this preposition so ambiguous, but it got me thinking deep thoughts about time and location... Thanks, Janae.


Buffy said...

Maybe they just couldn't get "during the" to fit, but they knew "at" wasn't totally appropriate, since night really isn't a place? Nah, they're probably not that smart.
And I'm wondering why the police department cares whether those doors are closed or not.

Darcy said...

It's confounding.

Classic Steve said...

It's weird when the word's too minor to merit emphasis, let alone quotation marks. My guess is that some fool thought putting the ending mark at the end of the top line would suffice for the entire message.

Buffy, I wonder if by "closed" they really meant locked. We sometimes use "open" to mean merely unlocked. But they really need to say it; closing without locking won't deter many intruders.

WV: redoo = what they should do to this sign.

Larisa said...

The sign would be so much better if the quotes were around "night". You must emphasize the right words, donchaknow?

wv: sesse. Sesse and desesse using quotes in the wrong places!