Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Real Amish" kittens

Laurie writes: I rescued six orphan kittens, and they were given to me in this box. The kittens are real kittens but not "Real Amish" kittens, unlike the chicken that originally came in the box.
The orphan kittens are here, btw:

I had to skip other ones to get to this, because I love it, for many reasons:
1) you have to qualify Amish with "real"? Are there a lot of impostor Amish chicken?
2) then, the absurdity of that is thrown into question by the quotation marks. Maybe this BOX has impostor amish chicken!
3) but it actually had impostor chicken - KITTENS! and kitten PICTURES. In case you still want to see more pictures of people's cats (there really aren't enough of those on the internet) here is one of mine trying to keep me from blogging, and a video of him playing fetch.


Anonymous said...

ZEUS! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I "heart" this site!

It's the utmost in awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

actually fake amish chickens are a real and thriveing business. My brother was a professional meat cutter for several Ohio stores. At christmas time and other holidays people will go to stores to be turkeys, geese and chickens but will insist on organic, free range or amish knowing or at least thinking that they will not have antibiotics or hormones added.

Unfortunatly for their delusions when the stores run out of the "real amish chickens" they will simply take the non amish chickens out of the plastic bags, wash them off and put them in the case as "real amish chickens" at twice the price.

haveing worked with "real old order Amish people" I can tell you that the amish while having some rather strange and perplexing rules that guide their lives Do not have anything against drugs, antibiotics or hormones used on animals

Anonymous said...

You sure it was okay to take and post a picture of that box?