Friday, August 31, 2007

the ultimate illusion

Gennie sent me this picture from somewhere the specialists might not be able to make the ultimate illusion with your particular hair...

she also tells this great story: For what it's worth, my all-time favorite example is one I used to pass frequently in downtown Chicago. On the door of a closed, mostly emptied out convenience store stood the sign:

"Alarm" is "On"

My husband and I always figured that meant the "dog" was "awake"... and possibly underfed.

Thanks Gennie!


john said...

Wow. I wonder what possessed them to close the quotes when they did.

Janet said...

Couldn't figure out a better way to pass this along other than as a comment. I took this picture in a parking lot at UCLA.

jspencer said...

Wow. I'm with john... just a little confused! "How" in the "world" do these people come up with this stuff!