Saturday, August 25, 2007

what they "really" need

Rachel sent me a link to this cover letter and its corresponding resume on craigslist. If this guy does what you "really" need and you want to "hire" him, sorry for blocking out his personal info to protect the guilty.


jspencer said...

Wow. That guy just rocked my world!

richard said...

I've noticed a few trends when it comes to "Literacy" among some "Professions":

Doctors - horrid handwriting, but generally well read.
Programmers - horrifying grasp of spelling and grammar, generally poor at maths.
HR - poor at written language, hence the liking for stock forms.
Engineers - good grasp of written but not spoken language.
Salesmen/women - do not understand the function of apostrophes, struggle with homophones, and use!!! Too many exclamation marks!!!!!!
Web designers - literacy May "vary" between Individuals.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog. You are probably right that it would take a LOT of material to devote an entire blog to the "loose/lose" thing . . . so maybe I'll just add a tag and find something else to do as a split-off (it strikes me that it must be a lot like a sitcom--you've gotta have a following for that obscure character before you give them their own show!)

thanks again . . . I love your site. I have a friend who about has a coronary if people do the quotation marks with their hands. SHE could do an entire blog about THAT . . . (luckily she's not opposed to excessive ellipsis usage . . . LOL)

her premise is that basically, "THERE IS *NEVER* A REASON THAT YOU NEED TO LIFT UP YOUR HANDS AND MAKE THOSE LITTLE QUOTATION MARKS WITH YOUR FINGERS!" She about blows a blood vessel if I even start to do it . . .

Brian o vretanos said...

Unbelievable! The quotations almost come second to the capitalisation, and both are trivial compared to the general incomprehensibility of the actual text! If you see a tramp holding a sign saying 'Homeless and "really" Hungry', you'll know who it is... (how do you feel about unnecessary ellipses?...)

Rubina said...

I just edited my dad's friend's resume, and he had so many unnecessary capitalizations it took an hour for me to fix them all. He said he used them for emphasis, but I think he was just emphasizing his inability to grasp basic grammar.

Jules said...

Wow. I mean, wow. And I'm not even talking about the punctuation. Ideal way to get a job: send a letter to potential employers that's generally insulting about their knowledge of the field you work in.

Yeah, I'm sure that'll work out.

Speaking as a web "developer" who regular hires "designers", I must say I wouldn't go anywhere near this one.

Brie said...

More sins than one can count within this "Cover Letter"! Reading this made my toes curl in pain. I am trying to adopt the point of view that these quotation mark mistakes are humorous, but they really hurt me, like nails running down a chalkboard.