Tuesday, September 25, 2007

easy to misinterpret

My sister Meredith and her boyfriend Calvin spotted this one at a fair in Michigan. I think the combination of "please" and the tiny "do not" give one plausible deniability for ringing the bell anyway.


ashleyallinson said...

I am a writer, PhD candidate and, most importantly in this debate, a closed captioner.

It is obvious that people have a hard time writing; just look at most print ads/copy.

If someone can't punctuate properly, fuck 'em.

Rather than waste time critiquing others' insignificant work, why not edit yours again?

bethany said...

I don't really get your point, but I think you should read my FAQ - see the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

I missed what the "debate" is in this context.

Bethany, fuck 'em, your blog totally rules.

jspencer said...

Wow, they really want you to ring that bell!

Screw 'em Bethany, some people will never get the point. They obviously have no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

"Thank you" for your "insights", ashleyallison. I didn't know there was a debate going on, but you are definitely "The Winner".

Anonymous said...

"Never put salt in your eyes!"