Tuesday, September 25, 2007

single quote

Katie took this in Athens OH. Those lonely close quotes really leave me with some questions.


Anonymous said...

This is a great site! Maybe all the attention its getting will help the rampant quoters to get a "clue."

Anonymous said...

Another thing that really bugs me is the indiscriminate use of apostrophes in which the plural becomes the possessive.
e.g. free kitten's to a good home;
Tony's Photo's, etc.
They show up everywhere in business signs, where a little proofreading and the use of a dictionary would have avoided the error. Doesn't anyone understand proper English usage?

Kimmijo said...

I want to see a cinnamon roll shaped like a hand.

James Gilmore said...

I think you're reading this all wrong. The quotation marks at the end are entirely appropriate; the restaurant is simply pointing out that their cinnamon rolls are in fact Desserts inches in diameter - therefore Desserts". The fact that "Desserts" is technically not a number is no reason to criticize them for using a perfectly cromulent system of measurement to define the diameter of their cinnamon rolls.

I know you're my ladyfriend and all, but I have to tell you that you're way off on this.

Sarah said...

Two desserts, so two apostrophes?