Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"country cuisine"

Last weekend I went with some friends on a daytrip to Helen, GA, which is a hilariously fun tourist trap. Geoffrey spotted this sign and I snapped the picture. I don't know if the food there is generously referred to as cuisine or what, because Helen is totally in the country.


K said...

Helen, GA, is freakin' hilarious. If you have any appreciation of camp, you will love it.

klasieprof said...

HEY!! My 11 year old daughter was just there YESTERDAY!! She flew out from Flint on Friday to my sister's house. Well, She flew from Flint to Atlanta, then to S.C., and they visited Helen GA yesterday. Thanks for this post. For a kid from "the middle of the mitten", (if you are in Michigan that's how they quote it) Helen was quite "something". LOL

bethany said...

haha klasieprof. I also grew up in Michigan - in Holland, so I'm used to things being fake european. So I was used to some of the silliness that is Helen GA. It's a great place for kids though, because there's so much to do.