Sunday, August 31, 2008

some crappy meatballs

Becky of Apostrophe Catastrophes sent me this one. I'm guessing the real best meatballs don't come in a plastic bag.


Jack said...

I gotta argue with this one - it looks to me that the anonymous chef on the logo who's saying that the meatballs are his (or the company his mug represents, anyway) best. Just like Chef Boyardee, but twotone, anonymous, and cooking up italian catastrophes in a basement lab.

Totally inedible-looking, I can't deny it, but the quotation marks aren't inappropriate, just tacky and a great example of ineffective advertising. :)

(Love the blog, by the way)

Tad Suiter said...

Wow-- we just picked up some burgers from the same company for a BBQ yesterday. I was planning on taking a pic and sending it in. Guess I got beat to the punch.

We were talking about the quotation marks, and my theory is that they're actually quoting the chef guy, and that he's offering a halfhearted apology-- "these aren't good burgers, but we tried our best..."