Friday, August 03, 2007

I love watching "tv" "networks"

having recently acquired cable, I know that the "food" "network" is really a network, and every time I turn it on there's actual food. Maybe it's staged for tv. Actually, I think this sign, found by colby on 3rd avenue in NY, is working under the assumption that tv networks get quotation marks, and then quoted both because vertical quotation marks look weird no matter what you do. They don't, though.


The Ex said...

What was seen on "food" "network"?

Anonymous said...

I was traveling today and saw a billboard for a mom and pop restaurant in Indiana. The billboard said two things, exactly as follows:

"Good Home Cookin'"

followed on the next line with:

"Breakfast Served Anytime"

Good thing too, because I was hoping for some good "home cooked breakfast."

Bob K said...

I think "breakfast any time" means that if you ask for eggs during the renaissance they can't do that.