Thursday, August 09, 2007

more with the queueing

alright, so the word queue shows up again. A word which, a commenter has proven, is not in fact the only word in english that has q as the only consonant. I still like it though. Let me tell you what Ashlie sent me:

On the myspace page of The Frames ( someone writes:

I have you in my Queue in my "netflix", in the "saved" mode. I guess it's waiting to see the "interest" people have in this movie. It's at the top of my list. I hope they will release it in "netflix" soon!!!! I want to see the movie!

I'm not sure which I find funnier, "netflix" or "interest." Possibly the "netflix" as it makes me think they're really a Blockbuster customer and ashamed to admit it.

So there's that. I also like the random capitalization but more than one person has told me that I have that very same habit, so maybe I should keep my criticism to myself.


ryangadams said...

sorry to be a cheeky, but then since you make fun of people in your posts I think it's alright, queue is the only word in english that has q as the only consonant.

bethany said...

oh, gosh, you're right. I changed it to be correct. My excuse: my new kitten was rolling around next to my computer. I couldn't concentrate on using the right word.