Sunday, August 05, 2007

se habla quotation marks

Erin in San Diego found this in her Sunday newspaper. I like how "completely-in-the-canal" is trying so hard to be cohesive that it needs hyphens AND quotation marks to keep it together. "Se Habla Espanol" is definitely unnecessary but it doesn't seem AS weird because it is talking about how they will SPEAK to you in spanish.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. The Friends episode 'The One Where No One Proposes' has Joey doing air quotes - saw it the other day. Very funny.

john said...

i might start a blog about definitely vs. definately. ;)

and yes, anonymous, i think someone actually posted the youtube clip of joey's air quotes here. high quality stuff.

bethany said...

touche, john. I should get out of this silly glass house so I can throw more stones. I'll fix the error.